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For any environment of your home, hotel, restaurant we provide the suitable material.

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Our Wallpaper are designed for indoor environments. They feature several textures according to the desidered effect.
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Fibraglass & Fibratex for interiors
Developed for damp environments, our wallcoverings in fiberglass are waterproof and combine technical features with the high visual impact of our graphics.
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Our Fibratex in fiberglass is developed and created for outdoor environments. It is suitable to cover exterior walls of any buildings. It features UV rays, rain, rips and scrapings resistance.
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Fibraglass & Fibratex for interior
Our wallcoverings in fiberglass are also heat resistant and can be applied as kitchen’s backsplash, easy-, quick-to install.
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  • Graphics

    Intepreting a wall mixing textures, photos or drawings to create smart, seductive and unique furnishings solutions.

    Captivating, strong, provocative, irriverent designs that can not go unnoticed.

    Beyond wallpapers...

    The wallpaper turns into a real furnishings element combined with functional and modular furnishings accessories. Several projects for all your needs, adding exclusivity to any environment thanks to a great visual impact. Find out our show-stopping selection of graphics and accessories which aim to amaze and captivate the audience.


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Hotels, restaurants, private or public offices, whatever you deal with, Instabilelab meets every needs. Hall, bedrooms, bathrooms, spas, external areas, you can make unique and customize your business thanks to the several finishes in collection, which are suitable both to indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Instabilelab is a creative laboratory, where each idea grows, develops and is realized thanks to a team of professionals with a high experience in the interior design and graphic field.

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