Stefano: Hi Renzo, how you doin’??
Renzo: I’m fine
Stefano: Renzo you know what, it’s been a while that the idea of setting up a new business has been playing on my mind; it’s a well-known field for my studio…you know, it’s a design matter after all.
Renzo: But what are you talking about, then?
Stefano: a wallpapers company…I have lots of ideas on my mind…can you help me??
Renzo: and what name do you want to give that??


Instabilelab was born in this way, from a call
In 2015 has been released the first catalogue.
Over these years our journey has evolved, we have studied, experienced, analyzed learning from our mistakes and now we know where we want to go.
It’s still a long way to go, but we do have breath and strength to go far.
Instabilelab join people with different personalities and skills, which merge together so as to meet the several challenges the company faces.
All what we do is dveloped here thanks to a team of professionals with a high experience in the interior design and graphic field.

Our know-how could be defined as local: thought, created and developed by us and we are really proud about that.

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