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Hotels, restaurants, private or public offices, whatever you deal with, Instabilelab meets every needs. Hall, cbeedrooms, bathrooms , spas, external areas, you can make unique and customize your business thanks to the several finishes in collection, which are suitable both to indoor and outdoor spaces.

All the graphics can be customized according to any specific customer’s needs, both adjusting Instabilelab pictures or creating a complete new and unique design according to customer’s specifications.

Instabilelab has launched some new materials, particularly suitable to this specific sector: Acustica with its honey-comb veil, reduces the reverberation and the echo, improving the sound quality of any environments. FibraGlass and FibraTex wall coverings are suitable to damp environments (bathrooms, spas, buildings facades).

Instabilelab takes care of any planners’ needs, trying to meet any kind of requests. We help and support the professionals at any stages of the project, providing technical and/or graphic consultancy.

Our qualified team with over ten years of experience in the planning and graphic field is at disposal to support planners, architects, designers and clients.

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Stefano Munaretto

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