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Office, hotel and spa wallpaper

Hotels, restaurants, clubs, private or public offices, medical offices, whatever your activity, Instabilelab responds to every request. Hall, hotel rooms, bathrooms, spas, outdoor areas, thanks to the multiple finishes in the collection suitable for both interior and exterior coverings, you can make your business unique and customized.

All graphics can be customized by creating unique designs upon customer request.

Instabilelab has also introduced some materials particularly suitable for this specific sector: Acoustics, which thanks to the particular alveolar veil reduces glare and the echo effect, improving the acoustic quality of the environment. FibraGlass and FibraTex suitable for damp and outdoor environments (bathrooms, spas, building facades).

Office, hotel and spa wallpaper
Office, hotel and spa wallpaper

The Custom-me project represents the highest level of customization, offering the possibility of printing a continuous image on supports and fabrics that were initially unthinkable, such as rugs, chandeliers, coffee tables, ottomans and curtains, creating a real scenography able to leave with open mouth.

Office, hotel and spa wallpaper

 Instabilelab is very attentive to the needs of designers, trying to respond to any type of request. Through a technical and graphic consultancy we support the professional in the various phases of the project through our staff of qualified and experienced people in the field of graphic design.


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